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Today I heard something: “The things that you fear have already happened to you.” I thought about it. I am old. And tired. And still afraid. But the things I fear have indeed already happened; I remember them as different … Continue reading

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I just watched The Social Network, about two weeks after having downloaded it. A few things to say…. I am so glad I followed my initial intuition and did not become a part of Facebook. As its popularity grew it … Continue reading

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House Of Cards

…..Sometimes all these ideas of what I’m doing and what I want to be doing and don’t want to be doing and should be doing and other people and things and opportunities and neruiagbiughidganfvnjansxbaxpqw8tqr8ggbuiebibgiubdfgdgfbajkgbuib and I just say OK!!!!! And … Continue reading

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Two things occurred to me just now that may seem to most people to go without saying….though usually (but not always) things that go without saying are dangerous and should be looked over with great scrutiny….. 1. Love and adoration … Continue reading

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