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House Of Cards

…..Sometimes all these ideas of what I’m doing and what I want to be doing and don’t want to be doing and should be doing and other people and things and opportunities and neruiagbiughidganfvnjansxbaxpqw8tqr8ggbuiebibgiubdfgdgfbajkgbuib and I just say OK!!!!! And … Continue reading

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Two movies: The Limits Of Control(2009) and The Visitor(2007). Also if you feel like it, Redbelt(2008) and Mercy(2009). In a search for stillness, you can choose to look outside and bring in, or look inside and push out. The first … Continue reading

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Two things occurred to me just now that may seem to most people to go without saying….though usually (but not always) things that go without saying are dangerous and should be looked over with great scrutiny….. 1. Love and adoration … Continue reading

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A New Beginning..?

“There is an old story about a worker suspected of stealing: every evening, as he leaves the factory, the wheelbarrow he rolls in front of him is carefully inspected. The guards can find nothing. It is always empty. Finally, the … Continue reading

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