Today I heard something:

“The things that you fear have already happened to you.”

I thought about it. I am old. And tired. And still afraid. But the things I fear have indeed already happened; I remember them as different things, but have seen them all before.

The things I do not fear are those I do not know. I have only ambition, excitement, and joy in my heart and mind for the unknown future.

In this is a truth: we hold ourselves prisoner to the things we have been troubled by in our lives. Any and all fears are things we had the opportunity to let go but chose, willingly or otherwise, to keep with us. It is our fault. And the burden of this truth is something we all live with. Sometimes it is exactly this fact that turns us into hoarders: we become so afraid of our own lightness that we transform the fear into extra weight which holds us down.

But in this is revealed another, even more important truth: our nature is to be fleet of foot, light of step, to laugh loud and often, to smile broadly, to speak and listen and love well physically emotionally mentally and spiritually.

I am cleansing myself. Making my body and mind young as they should be. Removing invisible bars.

I wonder sometimes if it will not be 27: two primes….the ultimate duality of the YinYang….a perfect cube…..3x3x3=27.

333 is ever closer… thrice realized, thrice acted upon, thrice atoned for.


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One Response to Fear

  1. Sam says:

    I love you, and 27! And your mind for always having the ability to reach into mine no matter how far away or infrequent a physical conversation may occur. You hold this spot in my being, in my mind and consciousness… probably from how much we’ve learned from one another. I really like reading your thoughts, as it shows me always that ”there is another”. I hate to thank you because I know you already realize my infinite appreciation for our meeting one another in this strange and beautiful place.
    I have felt latent in the department of free-thinking as of late and you’ve been the kick start, getting my gears to remember the beautiful mechanics of themselves and all they may create and power.
    How typical and long winded…
    The statement about the invisible bars… I’ll tell you, their aren’t hardly any left for me… thankfully. Fear is old indeed. The comfort in the excuse of its concept in not nearly worth the freedom and feeling of knowing deep inside that you know the way and that the universe is working in whatever way you feed it to be, whatever you are willing to see and recognize, and interact based upon. Fear is old feeling because it is not really there, it is the oldest maya/illusion one may utilize to filter the life experience through. But you know that, as I am convinced that you too are old as a soul and you know all the answers – you just don’t have the situations acted out yet.
    I love even typing to you as these words are meant for you and because of you but they also serve me more good than I ever intend.

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