House Of Cards

…..Sometimes all these ideas of what I’m doing and what I want to be doing and don’t want to be doing and should be doing and other people and things and opportunities and neruiagbiughidganfvnjansxbaxpqw8tqr8ggbuiebibgiubdfgdgfbajkgbuib and I just say OK!!!!!

And it stops.

I sit here. Stare at the screen. Remember how awesome optics are, how amazing my eyes actually biologically functioning is. The refresh rate of the screen dazzles…I imagine I can see it as it runs from top left to bottom right…

I think to myself….the World is like this screen, see, because it is always refreshing itself, displaying new information in real-time to the best of its ability.

And I am just a small bit of information in this World. And then each little part of me has the same relation to the whole of me as I do to the whole of the World. And so on, down and down till the little empty spaces between my protons neutrons electrons…quantum levels of crazed indeterminacy. All of the parts of things have relations to one another. All of the levels connect and stack like a massive constantly expanding deck of cards.

So maybe this is all just a big house of cards then. This whole deal we call life, the universe, everything.

Maybe just a giant house of cards moments before a strong wind…


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Attempting redefinition!
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