With all this anti- sentiment I’ve had for the last eleven months or so, be it towards superficiality, structure, capitalism, or anything else, only one thing has really been consistent: I have been avoiding an important truth.

Unless your problems and concerns have been entirely forced upon you by the world outside of yourself, something which rarely if ever truly happens, you must claim and accept at least some fairly large portion of responsibility for your predicaments. This idea seems simple enough, but sometimes in life it can be back-breaking to look in the face.

For example…..I have in the last eleven months come to feel, and clarify with thought, that I absolutely need to leave this place (at least Florida, if not eventually the country) in order to learn and grow so as to avoid feeling as though I’ve wasted my life.

The problem here is….I have not been living to my full potential. The solution seems to be to get out there and live it up. The counterintuitive situation I find myself in comes from an application of the abovementioned simple truth to my current circumstance: I am at least partly to blame for my having not utilized my full potential, and going anywhere will not allow me to escape this, myself.

I am the problem I have been fighting against.

And I have very little idea of where to go from here.


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One Response to Counterintuitive

  1. The problem you are fighting against and perhaps.. the answer you are looking for.

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